• Keesha-Angela Glass

Pre-show rituals & backstage secrets

I don't have any specific pre-show rituals. Not even a fan of the word "ritual". That being said, I try my best not to eat right before going on stage. I will eat during a break. And I will drink, before, after, and during! Yes!

I think the best thing to do before singing is remember why I am on the stage. I tell my vocal students that every time you take the mic, it is never a test of can you sing. Your mindset should be that you can sing and this is the gift I want to share with my audience.

My biggest secret is that I sing the same way if there are 2 people in the audience or if there 20,000. I sing for a reason that comes from my belief system. I am a Christ-Follower and I walk humbly with my God. I sing because that is the gift that He gave me to share with the world. So the number in the audience is not a reason to sing better. I sing my best because it is who I am and what I do.

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